WoW Classic Server Population Update


WoW Classic Server Population Update

Following the launch of the Wrath of the Lich King pre-patch (WOTLK), the WoW Classic Server population has increased dramatically in certain Realms. Blizzard has also confirmed that it will be working to address the current issues.

Players reporting massive queues in the game's largest Realms, the World of Warcraft Classic Support team took the initiative to lock certain transfer features on the game's US and EU megarealms.

With hourly queues still being reported daily, here's all of the latest information from Blizzard about the WoW Classic server population issues.

WoW Classic Server Population Latest From Blizzard

Blizzard shares the latest information on the problem and the steps being taken to address it.

This includes the decision not to allow character creation or pay transfers for the most popular WoW Classic Realms. This was done to combat the WOTLK-generated queues.

These new restrictions will remain in place indefinitely. Players are encouraged to move away the most popular servers prior to the expansion's release later in the month.

Aggrend, the WoW Classic game producer, stated that "We have disabled new characters creation and incoming payments to the US mega-realms and EU mega-realms. They will remain locked indefinitely."

"This was a difficult decision that we feel is very heavy-handed. This will prevent returning and new players from joining these large realms. It could even be for several months.

"However, the current situation in these realms is completely untenable. Even if we can eliminate queues for the short-term, this will continue to be an issue when new content is released as long as megarealms exist.

"We have made the decision to effectively close US and EU megarealms to new and additional players indefinitely. We will be monitoring all realms and will take similar actions if they attempt to enter mega-realm territory in future.

"We have been reluctant to do this because we don't like restricting player movement and possibly breaking up social circles. But that ethos is not compatible with the reality we are in.

Although free transfers have been very successful, we need more people to move. I would like to extend my sincere and sincere thanks to all those who took the plunge to move from these vast realms to FCM destinations, such as Mograine-EU and Sulfuras US.

"I have seen many success stories that confirm that moving to one these realms was a positive experience. These stories were not surprising to us as we know that almost all realms in service are vibrant and viable places to play. Both of these destinations realms are currently very healthy, if not fully filled at peak times.

"If you're thinking of moving to one these locations, I recommend doing so before they become full. We will do our best to stop transfers before they are allowed to queue up, but we can do this suddenly and without warning."

Aggrend stated that Mega-Realms in the US and EU are full and layering would not solve the problem. No additional capacity would be added to reduce queues. Blizzard states that layering does not increase Realm capacity. This is determined by the number of connections the service can handle.

Aggrend concludes his statement by telling fans that Blizzard can't increase capacity without inviting more and more likely cascading failures.

To solve the current server problems, people must leave the realm using free transfers. "There is no technology solution. This problem cannot be solved with hardware. This situation will not improve with Wrath of the Lich King Classic's launch on September 26th. It will only get worse."