WoW Classic Server Status


WoW Classic Server Status

Due to the long wait times and queues for World of Warcraft Classic log-ins, changes have been made to World of Warcraft Classic's servers.

Due to the popularity of the MMORPG, and especially Wrath of the Lich King's imminent release, players of all ages have been flocking to the other version, giving their servers a tough time.

Blizzard Entertainment responded by making some changes to smoothen things out. They added new servers, changed server transfers, and even put up some restrictions.

WoW Classic: New Servers

Blizzard's developers have added three new servers to combat overpopulation and long wait times, specifically with the US' mega-realms.

These new servers are not like the Fresh Start realms, which were introduced in June to provide WotLK players with a new and unique experience. For now, the new servers will only be available in the US.

Any of the three servers can be used to launch a new adventure. Players can either create or transfer a new character. Only one way to access Eranikus is via free server transfer. This can be done from any of the three megarealms, Benediction or Faerlina, as well as Grobbulus.

It is worth noting that players have the ability to transfer any character, regardless of its level, to Eranikus. This will allow them to create more.

Server Transfer Changes and Restrictions in WoW Classic

Blizzard has made some changes to the transfer process in response to the long wait times and queues that plague the server and realm servers.

Although free server transfers will be available, they will not be available in all cases. They will only be available from certain mega-realms to the newer ones.

Developers have disabled the creation of new characters and incoming payments to the US and EU megarealms. They will keep them locked indefinitely. This means that players cannot create characters in any of these US mega-realms or some of the EU ones like Mograine.

Blizzard will give US Servers, such as Sulfuras or the newly added Eranikus, a special look when it comes time to character transfers. Free character transfers to Eranikus will be subject to the same lense once they start experiencing log-in queues.