WoW Server Status: Is World Of Warcraft Down?


WoW Server Status: Is World Of Warcraft Down?

Although World of Warcraft's glory days are now over a decade ago, millions of players still log into Blizzards MMORPG every single day to explore Azeroth and Outland on a dozen of realms. Since 2005, the in-game World has grown tremendously. There are two major WoW versions available, the classic and the retail.

It's not surprising that Blizzards servers have issues or need to be checked from time-to-time. There is also a fixed maintenance window each week.

Is WoW down? How to check the server status

A WoW realm may be unavailable for any reason, other than the fixed maintenance times. This is especially true after a major content patch or new add-on. You can quickly check Blizzards official server status website to determine if there is a problem.

You might also consider visiting the Blizzards customer service Twitter-Account. If there is a problem with your account, you will most likely find information here.